Regal.  Romantic.  Rebellious. 

Our Story

Initially after helping my best friend plan her wedding I realized how overwhelming (and expensive) the process was.  Not only were there so many choices to make but there was an abundance of retailers to choose from, many cookie cutter and generic.  

After all was said and done the wedding turned out beautifully, and I was left with the inspiration to pursue opening a boutique that would specialize in our kind of bridal.  The romantic, rustic, boho kind- wedding dresses that look like cake-toppers need not apply ;).  

Well... life happened.   Fast-forward a few years, I was still busy working my actual career as a registered nurse and that idea for a bridal boutique just never took off.  I had so many ideas, creativity and style I wanted to share but unsure of how to make it happen.

So finally in 2019, as my boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch daydreaming about our future plans... over a few glasses of bourbon of course ;)... I finally decided to "pull the trigger" and move forward with my dream of Whiskey Kiss.

I created this boutique with the plan to bring together items that would encompass our personal style individually and as a couple.  Along the journey of developing the brand, learning about business and e-commerce (I was clueless) I also discovered a love of thrifting.  This led to our launch of the Whiskey Kiss Thrift collection that is dedicated to both new and preowned sustainable finds. 

Whiskey Kiss has since expanded from my original bridal specific idea to multiple accessories and garments that I feel reflect our lifestyle and personalities and hopefully yours as well.   

Romantic.  Classic.  Bohemian.  Rustic.  Soul Driven. Full of wanderlust... fun... and a little bit of crazy just like us and our tribe.  Style that feels like a midnight WHISKEY KISS.  

Hope you find something you love!  Please check back as we continue to grow!

XOXO, Tracy